Care for your jewellery

Tarnish in metals is a very common phenomenon.

If you find that you are eager to wipe that black off, you can use our Special Jewellery Cleaning Cloth to clean the tarnish off


Our specially made jewellery cleaning cloth is excellent for cleaning almost every kind of materials like silver, gold, platinum etc. 

The cloth also doesn’t harm the gemstones but you have to be extra gentle if the product is embedded with stones.


Simply rub the tarnished accessories gently with our Special Jewellery Cleaning Cloth, then it will be good to go

In case of extreme tarnishing, wash your accessories under warm water with body soap, then try it with a dry towel. 


Buff the accessories with our Special Jewellery Cleaning Cloth for a detailed touch up .

You beloved babies will shine like a brand new piece.

Deopuz 源於拉丁文,意指於神的傑作。儘管

包羅了世界各地的飾物,但 Deopuz 希望打造充滿本地氣息的小店。從門面設計至各樣傢俬等,均在本地設計和本地製造,客人能夠第一身感受香港走進世界擦出的火花。


在繁榮而忙碌的香港中,富利來彷彿隱藏在城市的天際線中,不過它擁有難以取代的特質。貫穿商場的旋律樓梯,是香港難得一見的商場設計。Deopuz 重視人與人之間真實的交流和溫度,所以在充斥網店的時代開設實體店。

Deopuz 同時被南(@unclesouth @uncle_store_hk)的新舊共融概念吸引,決意紮根於此。隨著更多新店進駐,富利來的一眾新舊面孔散發着香港傳統和創新兼備的氣息,跟 Deopuz 店內的銀飾一樣,只有經過歲月洗禮氧化後,才會有更多層次和韻味。

DEOOPUZ 相信每個細都可以帶來不同的感覺和故事,所以從包裝到品牌風格都經過十分用心精選。




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