GUARDIA — Legendary Japanese Wax Craving Brand
Guardia is based on the word 'Guardian', with the concept that all of their jewelry can protect the wearer like a talisman. Guardia has long been a prominent name in the Japanese wax carving silverware industry.
From planning, design, to production, almost all processes are handled by the couple behind the brand, Hiro and Maggie. The brand mainly focuses on themes of religion, ancient civilization, and mythology, creating exquisitely detailed and mystical jewelry. Guardia has also collaborated with other leading Japanese wax carving silver jewelry brands. The brand's philosophy is to create each piece of silver jewelry like a classical painting, conveying the meaning and cultural significance through details and structure as a work of art.
Guardia Suzaku Ring
Guardia Seiryu Ring
Guardia Genbu Ring
Guardia Byacco Ring
Guardia Griffin Ring
Guardia Aster Ring
Guardia Aster Pierce
Guardia Aster Pendant
Guardia Aster Round Pendant
Guardia Aster Round Pendant S
Guardia Aster Bracelet
Guardia Ancient Column Ring
Guardia Lotus Ring
Guardia Acanthus Ring
Guardia Baby Ouroboros Ring
Guardia Ouroboros Ring
Guardia Medusa Ring
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