Essential For Car and Motorcycle Enthusiasts
     For those who love cars and motorcycles, ROAD is a must-have brand. Its story began in a private workshop in Tokyo, where a Hot Rod was kept, fully embodying the influence of American car culture on the brand. During a time when car culture was rare, the Hot Rod was like a refreshing rain after a long drought, bringing endless joy to car enthusiasts.

ROAD's accessories often feature car themes that naturally complement the appearance of a motorcyclist. Consequently, these products have frequently appeared in highly-regarded Japanese magazines like Flywheels Magazine, and are adored by motorcycle enthusiasts all over.
ROAD 18Kt Tiger Plain Ring
ROAD 川村正幸  18Kt點金老虎石紋戒指
Road Silver Lightning Ring
ROAD Lightning Stamp Ring
Alliance Chain
ROAD 川村正幸 Three Star 戒指
ROAD 川村正幸 Three Star 光面手鐲
ROAD 川村正幸 Three Star 壓紋手鐲
ROAD 川村正幸 Twist 純銀戒指
ROAD 川村正幸 Pin Up Girl 戒指
ROAD 川村正幸 Shakehands 戒指
ROAD 川村正幸 Smile Chain Stud 手鏈
ROAD 川村正幸 字母Padlock 吊墜
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