Hydra Ring

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Size :

Height : 40mm

Width : 29mm

Material: 925 Silver x Onix


The finale of the trilogy is the nine-headed serpentine monster, the Hydra. It was said that only the central head was immortal, and in order to slay it, Heracles trapped the beast under a massive boulder. This ring features a bloodstone, its deep green hue with red flecks, representing that legendary boulder. As the largest ring in the Galdia collection, this piece has an overwhelming volume and commanding presence.


只需用我們的專用珠寶清潔布輕輕擦拭已失去光澤的配飾即可.如果嚴重失去光澤,用溫水和沐浴露清洗您的配件,然後用毛巾印乾。 用我們的特殊珠寶清潔布擦亮配飾,進行細緻的修飾。