Styx Bracelet

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尺寸 S(20cm)

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Size : 

Height :25mm

Width : 18mm

S Size : Suitable for wrist circumference 20cm

M Size : Suitable for wrist circumference 22cm

L Size : Suitable for wrist circumference 24cm

Material: 925 Silver


In Greek mythology, the Styx is the great river that flows through the underworld, surrounding the realm of the dead. It was used to swear the most sacred of oaths, which even the mighty Zeus could not break.

The chain in this bracelet represents the flowing of the river, while the hidden skull motif on the underside evokes a connection to the underworld. This piece thus presents two contrasting faces - the outward appearance and the hidden symbolism beneath.


只需用我們的專用珠寶清潔布輕輕擦拭已失去光澤的配飾即可.如果嚴重失去光澤,用溫水和沐浴露清洗您的配件,然後用毛巾印乾。 用我們的特殊珠寶清潔布擦亮配飾,進行細緻的修飾。