18K Gold Lion Rock Ring

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Height : 8.3mm

Thickness : 2.7mm

Material: 925 Silver X 18K Gold

The Lion Rock Ring series is a collection of locally crafted silver jewelry by the brand "九作" (Nine Metal Workshop).

In addition to creating unique feather pendants, the brand aims to incorporate elements of Hong Kong into their designs. For a start, they have chosen the iconic Lion Rock as their inspiration.

The ring features the silhouette of Lion Rock and is designed with varying depths and textures to create a sense of dimension. It is made of 18k gold, representing Lion Rock, and is embellished with gilded accents resembling clouds and mist. The finishing of the ring is a combination of polishing and sulfuration, resulting in a shiny black effect.


只需用我們的專用珠寶清潔布輕輕擦拭已失去光澤的配飾即可.如果嚴重失去光澤,用溫水和沐浴露清洗您的配件,然後用毛巾印乾。 用我們的特殊珠寶清潔布擦亮配飾,進行細緻的修飾。