MAD CULT was founded in 2005 with a core focus on rock music, heavy metal, and motorcycle culture. The products are designed to reflect the human psyche in the face of emotions and desires, and are presented through the deepest embodiment of humanity - the skull. Of course,MAD CULT also offers a variety of products that combine skull culture, such as rabbit and snake motifs.

Mad Cult Evil Rabbit Stone Bracelet
Mad Cult 5.3mm Beans SC Chain
Mad Cult hk  3.2mm SC 骷髏頭銀鏈
Mad Cult Rough out Hill 戒指
Mad Cult  4.5mm Punish Chain
Mad Cult hk  4.5 Beans SC Chain 骷髏頭銀鏈
Mad Cult 777 Lightning rust Ring S
Mad Cult Drugged Snake Pierce
Mad Cult Rose Ring
Mad Cult Old Arabesque Ring S
Mad Cult Evil Rabbit Ring S
Mad Cult 777 Lightning Ring S
Mad Cult Double Head Snake Ring
Mad Cult 3.2mm Punish Chain
Mad Cult Jabara Ring
Mad Cult Brainwashing Snake Ring
Old Arabesque Bangle S
Mad Cult Liar Ring
Mad Cult Bone and Bone Chain
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