Athena Pendant

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Length : 67mm

Width : 31mm

Material: 925 Silver


This is a pendant version of the goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war. The design features the goddess carved into the hilt of a sword, with the detailed three-dimensional work extending from the head to the tip of the blade. Additionally, the armor incorporates the head of Medusa, slain by the hero Perseus.

We have prepared two versions of this pendant - a beautiful, mirror-polished all-silver edition, as well as a brass-combined version with a golden body and silver blade, giving it an antique finish. Despite the large scale, the design remains delicate and intricate. Please enjoy the exquisite craftsmanship of this piece.


只需用我們的專用珠寶清潔布輕輕擦拭已失去光澤的配飾即可.如果嚴重失去光澤,用溫水和沐浴露清洗您的配件,然後用毛巾印乾。 用我們的特殊珠寶清潔布擦亮配飾,進行細緻的修飾。