Chimaira Ring

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尺寸:長36mm X 闊29mm X 厚31mm (JP 21)

物料: 925 純銀

重量: 16g

從艾姬多娜誕生下的魔獣戒指三部曲中的第二部。 獅子、山羊和蛇的複合魔獣“奇美拉”戒指。 三種動物完美融合的設計,根據不同的視角下可以表現出各種神態(推薦給食指和大拇指穿戴!)。 其中心的獅子散發著兇悍的視覺衝擊力,是存在感十足的戒指!

The second of the trilogy. A ring of a chimera, a composite monster of a lion, a goat, and a snake. The design is a perfect combination of three animals, and you can enjoy various expressions depending on the viewing angle (recommended for the index finger and thumb!). Above all, the lion in the center has a strong impact, making it a ring with an outstanding presence!




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